I definately believe in Angels. I believe in spirits and ghosts and such.. I would be crazy not to believe in Angels. Besides, my little brother sees Angels and talks to them. One night my mom went in his room to check on him, and as she was starting to walk away, he looked up to a corner in his room and said, "Angel" and went back to sleep. Mom asked him about it the next day and he didn't remember it. Angels are out there... watching over us all!
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My paternal grandmother came to me as a ghost (I thought for years) three days after she passed in Nov 1993. She got my attention by slamming cabinet doors open and shut. Her message was for her surviving husband: go on with your life and do what makes you happy. He ended up moving back to where he was from and remarrying his ex wife. After her death, I moved to AK, where I met my Twin Soul. His deceased mother is his guardian angel, along with our cat who passed June 13, 2013 from pancreatitis.

I would have to agree. =]

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how magical...I think the greatest things are taught by innocence and youth