I have been reading a lot of your stories & feel compelled to respond.
My aim is not to besmirch or discredit anyone else's experiences - however, I feel it is my duty to clarify a few important details, as I have researched this extensively in scripture.

Firstly concerning angels as female:
Throughout scripture angels are spoken of as men. The expression "sons of God" is found only 5 times in the O.T & every time it is used of angels. ( Job 1:6 2:1 6:1-4 & 38:7)
Dan 3:25-28 calls an angel the "son of God".
No female angels are on record. It is logical to say then that the female was created specifically for the human race, in order that it could be kept in existence. All angels were created males. The bible says "Gods sons" "created in Gods own image".
The four named in scripture are but a few - Lucifer (Satan or Devil) Michael, Gabriel, & Abaddon or Apollyon.
(Isa 14:12, Ezek 28:11-17, Jude 9, Rev 12:7, Lk 1:19 & Rev 9:11)
Matthew 22:30 does highlight one important and often overlooked aspect of this discussion. Angels are not human, so we should not assume they live and function in the same way humans do. The Bible clearly presents angels as males, yet that portrayal may be an allowance for our limited understanding. Angels may truly exist in a manner in which gender is not the same as we understand it.

I saw a reference to a story that claimed angels were naked.
The bible clearly tells us on many occasions that angels are clothed in "white garments" Jesus himself appeared to his disciples in white. (Dan 7:9, Mt 17:2 - 28:3, Jn 20:12 & Rev 4:4)


"Lucifer, the original ruler of the planet earth, conceives an idea that he can obtain co-operation of the other angelic beings, dethrone God, & become the exalted supreme ruler of the universe himself.
Lucifer was sent to earth with a 1/3 of the angels that rebelled against God."
Pg 53 of Dake's Annotated Reference Bible

There are demon spirits for every sickness, unholy trait, & doctrinal error known among men. They must be cast out or resisted in order to experience relief from them. Diseases, germs, which are closely allied with unclean spirits, are really living forms of corruption which come into the bodies of men bringing them to death. Just as refuse breeds maggots, so men in his fallen state of corruption breed germs through unclean living & contact with corruption in the fallen world. Demons are agents of Satan, corrupting the bodies of his victims. But remember demons know their fate & recognize those who have power over them. Acts 19:13-17, they fear God. Jam 2:19
All unbelievers are more or less in league with them. (Eph 2:1-3) For the believer the only resources against them are prayer (In the blood of Jesus, I command you to leave) & the Armour of God Mt 17:21 & Eph 6:10-18. The scripture also tells us that Satan's demons can disguise themselves in white.

Satan uses every conceivable means to hold men in subjection to himself & keep them from turning to God. If he fails in this, he tries to kill the believer’s testimony & ruin his influence for God.
If one falls he tries to make him stay fallen or commit suicide. He endeavours to cause men to end their lives by insisting it is the best way out; but he hides the true fact that this will be only the beginning of real torment in eternal hell. He makes people think they are missing everything in life if they do not go into all kinds of sins, which in the end will damn their souls. He emphasizes sin & sinful pleasures as "innocent enjoyment."
Good news for the believer! We have Jesus inside us! Mt 6:22-33, 16:19 12:49-50,
When one is born again he/she enters the realm of the supernatural & spiritual; & he/she should begin a study of the Holy Bible to see what it teaches regarding how he/she should walk & conduct himself/herself in spiritual warfare against Satan & his demons. We believers have the power to command said demon's to go, in the Blood of Jesus.

I believe strongly in researching this and not taking my word for it but go and look in the bible for yourself. It is all there. I love my Dake's Annotated Reference Bible as it really helps you get to the depths of what’s going on.

I really hope I have enlightened someone.
Quietglow Quietglow
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Zeus is going to be pissed when he reads this.

Sorry, I don't subscribe to your particular religious mythology.

Zeus is a myth. Mythology means. . .
a collection of myths, especially one belonging to a particular religious or cultural tradition.
So. . .Your "god" is not real. He is a Myth.

Very clearly stated and quite informative. Than you for posting.