Angels Come In Many Ways

have ever an experience ,heard a voice,had a dream and it happened , a overpowering feeling and saw what happen if you followed it or you were in danger and were guided safely away ,maybe something or someone came to you out of the blue when things were tough . I have many times, i believe

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I still am convinced that I wouldn't try to put things to the test,when the balance of life accidently goes off track things aren't obvious that I'm safe from danger but testing it deliberately might be fatal.

Miracles do not happen just in the bible,they happen now,in our days,I was protected by what I can only describe as an Angel,leaving a meeting one night and having to make my own way to the bus stop in a spot which is deserted at night,I heard someone walking rapidly behind me,the footsteps were coming closer and closer,there was no one around,I knew I was going to be attacked soon and did not dare to run,suddenly out of nowhere a man appeared dressed in a guard uniform,the person behind me veered away from me and ran,I turned around to see who it was,it was a young man,I turned around to thank the guard,he had vanished.I can only decribe him as my guardian Angel.

The Holy Bible is not literary trash. You should read a book called more than a carpenter, it will open your eyes if you are intelligent and open to the truth. There are many documented miracles out there if you only open your eyes to see.<br />
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name one way that you can actually prove. prove with evidence

if you cant prove it then it just speculation. the bible is literary trash. you want to believe because you a sense of purpose in your otherwise pathetic life

how sad your life sounds, open your heart my friend and listen to the life around you, you will see the miracles of life that surround you.
Blessed Be

ANGELS COME IN MANY FORMS... including different types of messages using different mediums...

how do you know they come in many forms. no one has ever seen one

Sure they have, two people have seen mine. A reader and my second daughter who has the gift of seeing angels. These sightings were two years apart.

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Angels are evidenced when that small voice whispers in my ear, "no, that's the wrong way." A message from God delivered by his delivery service - angels.