I Believe!!!

i believe in angels!!! mostly due to the fact that my father was a roman catholic, and i was raised as a catholic!!! my father was always involved with the church, and it was his favourite thing and he always helped out here and there!!! now this is why i believe in angels!!! now most people at some time or other will have heard the saying, that every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings!!! and i remember just after we had my father cremated, we went to scatter his ashes in the river clyde right down the road from where i stay in greenock in scotland, and as we were scattering his ashes in the river, somebody must have just got married or something, cos the bells of the local church in the town centre just started ringing just as we were scattering his ashes, and my mom, my brother and i , all felt the hair on the back of our necks stand up!!! it made the scattering of my father's ashes a bit more comforting in a way!!!

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indeed it is *neurotic2010*!!!

oh, what a beautiful memory!

Keep this in mind, There's no such thing as coincidence.