They Watch Over Us All.........

What I find hard to believe is that they can help us. I don't believe any angel would have stood by & let somethings happen. I believe they can see what we go through, can cry for us, mourn with us, & love us. I believe that they may even shower us with healing tears & strength to carry on, but I don't believe that they can stop anything or that they even have the ability to.

I believe that only the most special souls become angels..... Those who are special with a light inside that you just see, even before they are called home. It's an essense that only a select few have. : )

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2 Responses Apr 22, 2009

Angels dont have free will and they have to be asked for help before they can help us. They can however intervene if its not our time to go and save us from death. They ARE all arounds us whether or not you believe that.

I know what you mean. Those people usually burn the brightest and then fade away. They make their mark and leave. Not meant to be here too long. Just a couple of things left for them to do here. Then they move along.