I Am One Supposedly

I was told by a girl who used to work with us that i was an Earth angel sent to look after family, friends n children!

She told me she was one n had learnt how to channel her powers for healing n reading auras etc!

She read my aura n told me so much stuff that was true! i couldn't believe it!
She told me about my daddy n described his character spot on!

She also asked me if i see orbs on any of my photos as these are angels! she could see angels all around me! she told me i inherited it off my dad n i have a Lil boy in my family just like me! (which is my nephew!)
I looked on photos of me, my dad n my nephew when i got home n we do have orbs around us nearly on every photo! My dad has so many round him n they are all full of colours n moving fast to be noticed!!!

I wasn't to sure of what she was saying at first but she got everything right n told me i should learn to channel my thoughts etc n i would be able to show my true potential as an earth angel!!!

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I am far from an angel. And people keep telling me that I am an angel. If they only knew the hatred in my heart they would think twice before labelling me as such.

Earth Angels have been put on this earth to help people and all living things,you will often find yourself in a situation where you can help and give guidance,you will find lost items which you will be able to return safely to the owner and they will be important things like pension cards,purses,irreplacable photos,lost animals will land on your doorstep you will come accross baby birds and other injured creatures who need rescueing,Earth Angels are called to certain professions,like nursing and doctoring and other caring professions (but not all nurses and doctors are Earth Angels) but whatever Earth Angels do and whoever they are they always bring Love and Light in their wake.They are people who protect,inspire and affirm others.Take care.

hello, earth angel. I hope you learn to channel your energies. I tried it a few years ago and it felt great. You will never be tired or sad, you will see so many things that we cant with our society eyes. I dont know why i stopped. I hope you sail into beautiful oceans and s[read more joy like you have spread by sharing this story.<br />
merry meet.<br />

We have a picture of an angel with my son in law who got baptized. I will write a full story about it. They are so real!!<br />
<br />
Have a Great day!


I have some strange photos of orbs in front of people on photos I have taken with my camera and thought it was just faulty film. There were 3 or 4 each time.