Protection Angels

I do believe in Angels I had a dream about 3 years ago about these angels protecting me from people who I wanted to be friends with so Bad but God sent his angels to protect me because he said that this people are trying to hurt me and they are not my christian friends...what would you do.
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Having encounter in union with god must be I'm thick or just ignorant I think obviously god has had a moment specifically when I was involved but I hide my feelings therefor its hard for me to explain what god is exactly like in a personal relationship.

Good people are not just christians,sometimes you even have to be weary of christians,you must follow your intuition,if you do not feel right about some people do not open yourself to them,do not tell them anything they might use against you later when it suits them,do trust your gut feelings but when we fail to do this and go against our better judgement then I believe Angels can step in to protect us,I believe my life was saved by an Angel a long time ago when I was in Bali for a holiday.The way it happened could not be attributed to a subconscious warning as is sometime attributed to dreams but Angels reach you in different ways and for you it was through a deam.Take care.

Angels come in many forms.You have the Seraphim which surround the Seat of God.You have the Cherubim who are messengers and protectors.Then you have archangels like Michael,Gabriel,Raphael,Uriel,Raguel among others.There are 7 ranks of angels.But then you have the fallen ones who left their heavenly abode and were punished for creating atrocious beings with women before the Flood.They are still around and are the orgin of demons.The Lost Book of 1 Enoch was once in the Bible and described all this.But thousands of years ago it promised a Lamb would come save the godly.We know this Lamb as Jesus Christ.

Take this advice and thank god for sending thoes kind angels to help you stay away from trouble..

I would obey the voice and do as it instructs me to do. Your dream was not at all crazy I believe in angels too.

Messages come in many forms. I would follow the advice that the Angels gave in the dream. I hope you did as I see you wrote this a few years ago, God Bless.