PETA is a bit extreme when it comes to animal rights, methinks. 

I disapprove of factory farms and all, but I wouldn't go to the extent of funding arsonists to burn down the facilities, just to put a stop the animal cruelty that goes on inside.   

It makes all animal rights activists look bad. 

Another thing I have an issue with is their commercial campaign.  Especially their suggestive advertisements and the borderline pornographic pictures of celebrity endorsement that they put on their website. 


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I really love what PETA is *trying* to do, and I agree with their philosophy on the treatment of our animal friends. There are a few problems with their methods. First off, it makes sense to add shock value to the message that they are trying to get across. It garners more attention than simply a rational argument. But yes, it can easily turn people off and keep them from thinking about the issues critically. They just assume that people who think like they do are crazy liberals. <br />
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The other problem is one that I cannot think of a solution to. How do you really get.. 'regular' people.. like the ones who don't understand the issues and don't actively try to.. to start living by their conscience? Repelling them with shocking images and protests, or trying to guilt-trip them is not the answer. They will not be receptive to that. So.. how do you get the masses on the trolley? I really don't know :(<br />
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There are simply too many interests involved in animal exploitation, and it has been so ingrained in our culture that everyone thinks that it is normal. I want change ! But how ?

I understand what they try to do, but they seem to think that the end justifies the method. They are using the same merch techiniques to explain their point, the same obvious and unethical crave for attention that we are all tired of.

My thoughts exactly. I've since left PETA2. I dont want to be associated with an organization which applauds those kind of protests.

What? I'm sorry, but I can't see how that would help the cause. I can only see it getting lots of indecent attention. It might make it more popular, but for all the wrong reasons.

No, but I'm supposing it involves indecent exposure? I'm on the streetteam for PETA2 (its like a less-intense teen version of PETA) and they encourage stuff like that. There was one protest when a bunch of girls walked around naked, holding up pictures of KFC cruelty as a means of "teaching the public". I thought it was disgusting, especially since the street team Staff thought it was wonderful and that there was nothing wrong with it.

With issues like that, a certain amount of tact has to be used, otherwise how can they persuade people towards their cause?<br />
Oh, and the advertisements make me cringe with the suggstive puns. Did you see the Shilpa Shetty one? Urgh...talk about campaigning for one cause and stamping on another.

Yes. They also seem to operate under the assumption that everyone believes animals and humans are equal. I do-- so I kind of understand where they are coming from when they launched that campaign comparing the death of animals to the holocaust. But most other people, I'm sure, were just downright offended and angered by that incident.

Yeah, it's a shame because their OTTness makes all animal rights activists look bad as you said. Their ethics are sometimes questionable...