To Your Left

The picture I uploaded is an example of their sleezy campaign pictures, there are some worse, I don't see what being naked has to do with not eating meat, and treating animals right, it's so sleazy. They are extremists who give activists a bad name, they also lie alot!! 

If you are going to support anyone please support WWF :) 

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3 Responses Mar 11, 2009

peta is just disgusting and full of ****!! WWF is a conservation organization NOT an animal rights group and they have many good ideas and intentions.

I love animal's .

I support animal rights, but I love meat, I think as a human I have a right to eat animals, and you changed the logo to a pirate ship, so I can't see their campaign photo.<br />
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But I love pirates, I'll check WWF, thank you for sharing it.