What Keeps You Going?

This subject has probably been discussed, but I think it's something that's very important to remember.

Believing in animal rights, to whatever degree that you do, there will always be harsh criticism. You can't convince everyone, nor is everyone willing to listen. And sometimes it can get to you.

So here I ask, what keeps your spirits going? Please discuss, would love to see what everyone has to say  ♥ 
MsRabbit MsRabbit
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2 Responses Dec 16, 2010

Yes, I do often wonder this as well, because compassion seems like something that should come naturally to everyone. It's hard to witness life on any scale and not feel compassion, let alone in terms of the pain or happiness of an animal or human.<br />
But indeed as you said, people act as if it's unreasonable, unnecessary, because I think to many people it might be hard for them to relate to animals, it's still seen as... "this is us, and they're not part of us" mentality, when in the end we're all life, and we all deserve to live freely. <br />
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Thank you for your response :)

What keeps my spirits going is my desire to make a meaningful contribution to the preservation of species and the desire to make some portion of this Earth better, as small as it may be. <br />
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It surprises me how resistant people are to the ideal of compassion, especially towards animals. There is nothing radical or unusual about compassion. It is part of nearly every cultural tradition, and yet people react to it as if you had asked of them something so unreasonable . <br />
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Is it not worthwhile to challenge ourselves to become more compassionate? Is our culture so self indulgent and selfish that something so universally fundamental as compassion become blasphemy? And why not extend compassion towards other species? <br />
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MsRabbit, I imagine you wonder the same questions.