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A friend of mine recently sent me a petition to sign about a US state allowing dog breeders to increase the amount of animals they are allowed to breed from 25 to 100. ( I assume per season??) The problem they foresee with this is people turning their attention away from animal shelters to buy the more "upmarket quality' purebreds. When I wrote back to my friend, I realized that this is an issue that should be openly discussed, always in the public eye, so I decided to share part of it here. There are always several things to consider and it needs to be looked at from every angle to make sure that the decisions we make on behalf of animals will be the right decisions. Regardless though, we need to never forget that every day there are animals who are abused, neglected, or even bred in such high numbers that many end up being euthanized for being unwanted. Along with the thousands of animals given up to shelters every year.

"It is an extremely important topic to keep in the public eye. I haven't signed the petition yet, because right now I'm considering it from every angle. My fear is that when we don't allow legal places to run, which would then allow monitoring and legal obligations, that it will push these people underground which then means they will still be doing what they're doing, but without the monitoring. However I also definitely see the point of limiting how many animals people should be allowed to breed. It's insanity to breed when their are so many unwanted animals. Unfortunately, many people only want 'purebred". Which means f#ck all to me, but there's no accounting for intelligence. We definitely need stricter laws on owners and pet shops having animals de-sexed. If only more people would come to their senses and understand the deep connection all living things have with each other, they would understand that every pain they visit on another living creature will extend out to them in one way or another. Not just in the theory of karma but as a cyclical universal truth that all things are connected, and their fates interwoven.

There are any number of important subjects relating to the welfare of the planet or humans or animals, that we can choose to consider and lend a helping hand where we can. Sometimes it seems overwhelming, but amazing things are done by people or groups of people, every day to make a difference. So this is just a reminder that every tiny bit helps. In our day to day activities, it's important to remember those who often can't help or speak for themselves. 

I'd appreciate any comments or thoughts on the petition that anyone would like to give ;-)

Major kudos to those diligent people who are out there making a difference every day. What goes around comes around :-) And thanks to LadyRhiannon for bringing  the petition to my attention.

Here's the link to the petition if you'd like to sign it 
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