I know that someone needs to speak up on behalf of the animals that aren't able to speak for themselves...at least, not in the language that rules this country.  There are too many things going on against animals that someone needs to take action.  I want to be (and am) part of that.


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1 Response May 24, 2008

The family that was livng beside me had 6 pitbulls. Beautiful, powerful dogs. and they were all just marshmallows. but he spent time with them, worked with them, proving yet again, it's the owner, not the breed.<br />
<br />
I on the other seem to aquire animals. My lastt wo dogs were left withme, "Can you watch my dog for a week?" "one month later "I can't keep my dog I'll take it to the pound if you don't keep it" <br />
so I had alovely mixed breed lady that was 10 when when she came to us. And now a chihuahua that was 9 when she came to us. <br />
Same holds true for the cats That have lived with me.