Why Do We Think We're Better?

So why do humans think we are a superior species? because we communicate verbally (while animals do so non-verbally) or because of our intelligence (that gives us machine guns and nuclear weapons)? or because we hunt for sport (pretty self explanitory)? Someone help me understand why humans are "superior" to animals?

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If I could hug each and everyone of you I would! It's like I just got taken into a world where everyone thinks the same as me. It is so hard for anyone to get where were coming from. There are so many rude and ignorant people. Ego is deadly to humans.

I always say I would put an animal first over myself if it could save a life. I don't think we're superior at all. We are equal. We don't speak the same language so most people are so ridiculously stupid that they feel what they don't understand must be worthless or have no feelings.

i don't have much to say apart from ^^^^^^^ i agree with the comments above & that humans are in no way shape or from superior. we are the worst things to happen to earth as far as i am concerned & we are not only our worst enemy but the worst enemy of everything pure that is or was living (apart from dinosaurs????maybe other things before our time....).

I once had a conversation about this back in the good old BBS days before the internet. I don't remember the whole conversation but I do remember that I typed something along the lines of a chicken being on the same level as a person and someone said "What? You think people are just as worthless as chickens?" and I said "No, I think chickens are just as important as people." Actually people are probably the one species that the planet could do without and not seem to suffer any ill effects. All the other plants, animals, insects, etc...are all part of an intricately woven food web.

Firstly...,Thankyou for posting this !!! Thank god !! <br />
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I couldn't agree more and it's my most used phrase "who decided that we are superior to them?" <br />
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I hate the fact that we as humans (well not you and I obviously) feel the need to enslave and abuse the animal world!! <br />
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"but it's just an animal" makes my blood boil! The world needs to wake up soon as Karma has a funny way of coming back around to meet you .

All those reasons are why people seem to have the belief that they are somehow superior to animals. Those you listed and probably more. I doubt many people would realise it's called speciesism.

I've yet to witness an animal harm another for "sport". Some as instinct and others for food---but never for sport.

That's a good question. <br />
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I don't believe humans are superior to other animals. We were all created by the same creater so therefore every animal should be treated just as well as humans. But then again humans don't even know how to treat each other well.