Animals Are My Passion.

I realize that what I'm about to say will probably tick some folks off but I'm gonna say it anyway.  I believe Michael Vick got off way too easily for the viciousness he perpetrated on those poor dogs that were unfortunate enough to be in his (so called) care.


Mr. Vick: I hope you learned your lesson. If I were the judge, I'd have thrown the book at you. Nobody, human or animal, should have to put up w/ cruelty. I hope this experience taught you some respect for living things.


Animals are a gift from God & should be treated accordingly. We need much tougher laws to deal w/ offenders. How would those humans react if THEY we're on the receiving end of all that? I sometimes wish that dogs/cats, etc. could trade places w/ their tormentors to feel the sheer heartbreak & terror that they inflict.That would be poetic justice!


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2 Responses Jun 19, 2008

I love pit bulls! I use to own two. When I heard about Michael Vick and what he did to those dogs it disgusted me and made me sick! He should get the same cruel treatment!

Who is Michael Vicks? <br />
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I agree that the laws are way too easy for people who abuse animals. I agree that animals are a gift from our creater and that they should be treated with respect. <br />
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The laws are stricter here in Holland, but I still think the laws should still be a little stricter. 99% of the time people get at least 1 year of prision time for abusing an animal. I know in the USA the maxium sentence seems to be only a year or two in prision and most people only wind up paying a fine.