They cannot speak up and tell others they are being abused...I think people who abuse them are the scum of the earth.I think they should be given a more harsh punishment.Animals have feelings too,I remember I volunteered at a pet store and I could tell which animals were neglected and abused because of the way the interacted with the people and other cats.I have always had a hugge heart when it comes to animals if I could adopt all the hurting animals in a shelter oh believe me I would in a heartbeat,the animal abuse commercials really break my heart and I want to cry.
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2 Responses Sep 20, 2012

I cry every time I see those animal abuse commercials. I am so disturbed that I live in a world where innocent creatures that cannot speak for themselves are so often mistreated. All animals experience fear, joy, sadness, and all the rest of our emotions. I see it in my cats every day. Makes me so sad.

From innocentraco: i must say that animals are made for human consumption. So why the caring and been given equal right. From my own school of thought. Animals are not human being. And they do not have feelings okey. Animals are made for our consumption. Please copy that.