Animal's Have Rights Too

In our religion class one day we had to write out all these things about social justice and such and I wrote down how it was injustice to squash a spider in your home. (I have a fascination with creepy things) Then we got into this whole debate on animal rights. The spider was here before we were, we probably crushed its home to make room for more houses. Same with snakes. It's the native animals I care about, since I live in Australia, but I do care about the others as well. I mean, it's not fair on the animals to be bullied in the way that we do. Cutting down their homes to make more homes for us is definitely unjust and what does the government do? The government who supposedly has so much power? Nothing as far as I'm concerned. They are so focused on creating an image of themselves they don't think about others. Anyway, in our religion class the debate got out of hand. Some people were sayings animals are just animals and we are higher than them. So what if we can speak english? They speak their own language that we don't understand but maybe if we took the time to understand we'd see how wrong we are. When everyone realises that animals have rights then the world would be so much better. I mean, people are animals too. We're mammals just like dogs, whales, cats, kangaroos, what gives us the right to destroy them?
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1 Response Nov 19, 2012

Each and every animal on earth has as much right to be here as humans do.