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I have been wanting to do something with/for animals all my life...after watching several different documentaries I have finally found my "niche" - I want to get involved in the farming industry educating people about what really happens to their food before it enters their mouths and working to get these factory farms shut down.

My plan is to get involved with a charity like Animals Australia. Due to limited time and a 4 year contract with my current job in order to stay in Australia it is difficult for me to get involved with any charities...what I want to do in the mean time is start up a blog/webpage/site educating people in all aspects of animal cruelty as well as the farming industry. I want a free space to allow people to share petitions and get involved with charity movements, educate themselves, encourage others etc. I have no idea how many people I can get to join but I have recently been posting photos and links on my own wall and a couple of people have come back to me and said I have now changed the way that they think and one girl even said to me that she can't eat bacon anymore without feeling sick. To me this is amazing! If I can help just one person, that's ones person less and it starts as a domino affect.

Please like my page, any comments, links, pictures etc or nutritional advice very much welcome and hopefully we can all make a movement together :-)

Find me on Facebook under Your Ignorance Is Bliss :-)
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3 Responses Dec 1, 2012

<p>You need to be careful what documentaries/videos you watch some are staged by extreeme animal rights activists. I dislike cruelty to animals but,i also dislike groups like hsus (Humane Society of the United States) less tham 1% of thier funds go to humane society. As for vegans thats fine its your choice and i respect that. Its when they call us murders and try to shove a soy burger down my throat that i get upset. I dont tell them to stop murdering plants and shove a hamburger down thier throat.</p>

Btw just liked your page and took a look. Your doing such a great job! I love it. Thank you!

We are exactly the same. I own the page "giving animals a voice" on facebook and I am very passionate about educating people.

On another note I wrote a letter to the mayor today regarding an animal cruelty case as the spca cannot do anything further then what's been done since there are no laws here to protect animals well being. I am hoping she will respond.