I've found that sometimes the greatest friend and family member can be a pet! Dogs, cats, gerbils, whatever! They can offer you more love and loyalty than most humans can or are willing to give. They deserves to be loved and treated with as many rights are people have.

Animals have feelings, personality,  hopes and dreams, likes and dislikes just as much as any human does. All animals, domestic or wild, should have a chance to live and be treated fairly. Whenever I read or hear about animal abuse, it just makes me so sad.

And you know that if a person can do that to a animal, they will be able to easily harm a human. That fact alone should be enough to have bigger penalties for animal cruelty.

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Um.. well I'm not a vegetarian. I'm not against eating meat because I think that's the natural thing most animals do, even humans. While I do realize that producing meat, wool, etc can be done in cruel ways by most people in those industries, I don't think me not eating meat would change that. I will, however, join my voice with others in protest to more human ways to produce these things.<br />
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Maybe I'm not the greatest protester or advocate for our farm animal friends, but I try to do my best. I just see both sides of the fence; I don't want the animals to be slaughtered, but I don't want to take that job away from the guy who has babies to feed at home. The food chain is a give and take thing and a complicated thing.<br />
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Besides, I was mainly talking about family pets and domesticated animals. I live in the city, so I don't really have access to anything but the normal wildlife (bigs, squirels) and domesticated animals. But, like I said, I try to do my part by donating, signing petitions, and protests for all animal rights.<br />
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Maybe it's not good enough, but that's all I got.

sorry, that came out rude.. i didnt mean it to! i just feel like if you feel like that you should carry your beliefs into the rest of your life.

Yep. Pets can easily become full fledged members of your family. I had my dog for 9 years before she died and it was like losing my best friend. I still cry if I think about her too much. She cared more for me than most of the people I've ever had in my life.

do you do anything to stop it? do you eat meat, wear wool and leather, drink milk?

I agree there should be more penalties for animal cruelty. My dog is part of the family and if anyone hurt man I'd kick the **** out of them!!