My Two Cents On Animal Rights...

Before I begin, let me just give you the traditional Ryuuvian disclaimer (yeah, I do sometimes have trouble with attacks...).  The opinions in this post are my own.  If you don't agree with me that's fine.  You're entitled to your own opinions.  I'm not trying to influence you in anyway, and I am not trying to tell you that any beliefs that you have are wrong.  If you want to post your opposing views in response to this thread, we can debate them seriously and respectfully.  If you just want to rant and tell me that I'm an idiot, please keep your opinions to yourself.


Anyway, with that out of the way...


Firstly, I should admit that I'm not a die hard animal activists.  I don't like PETA at all - the message that they give out and the way that they go about presenting that message is all wrong.  I also am not a vegetarian.  I love meat.  I've always maintained that, if nobody did the killing for me and made meat available in the stores, I would be happy to go out and hunt for it myself.  I also have a very low iron count, and so eating meat is one of the best ways to prevent me from developing full-blown anemia.


Excuses aside, I still believe in animal rights.  Some people may call me hypocritical, as I do eat meat, but I have nothing but respect for the animal kingdom.  Animals make good companions.  Often, they are very intelligent and lovable.  The can't speak for themselves, so we deem them inferior, but I often think that animals are a lot more intelligent than most humans - especially creatures like dogs and pigs.


Some people think that animals belong to us.  Humans are the 'dominant species' and thus can do what they please.  You always hear terrible stories about people who abuse their pets, merely because they like having someone weaker than themselves to pick on.  I think that abusing a dog is equally as bad as abusing a child.  In both cases, you're taking out your aggression on something you deem to be 'lower' than yourself - something that loves you unconditionally.


I also hate that, in our greed, we destroy so many species in the name of our comfort.  At the wildlife park near where I grew up, I saw a heart wrenching presentation of how Amur Tigers are poached for their fur.  It was so sad that such rare and beautiful beasts are slaughtered in such painful ways - left bleeding to death in a bear trap for hours just so we can have their fur.  This presentation was the factor that caused me to join the World Wildlife Fund three years ago.


Animals may not be able to voice these injustices, but they still feel pain.  If we are really superior too them, we should take heed of this and take better care of them.  If they can't speak out, someone really needs to speak out for them.

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"If we are really superior too them, we should take heed of this and take better care of them."<br />
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Great point! I feel the same way often.<br />
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I really don't like PETA very much either. Their methods are too tacky (I can't think of a better word for it) and non-peaceful and don't seem very well put together and mature at times. I can't describe it, but I've read their magazines and just dislike their methods. I like longer standing, or at least, strong standing and more peaceful of organizations with a really good following of not so angry members. You know? I guess, how can you advance a cause for something kind and caring when your members are all angry people supporting the cause and causing conflict in the world. And WWF is a great example of a good wildlife organization, too. I support The Farm Sanctuary - they're a pretty good one, too.<br />
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the disclaimer at the beginning was funny. I would like to say, however, that there are really great vegan sources of iron out there, I promise! lol. I've had issues with iron deficiency with or without meat, but have done really well overcoming it thus far as I've gotten older and paid better attention to my body, and of course, all the good stuff going into it. And, oh well, to each their own - some are not meant to change their diets, I guess.<br />
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Thanks for sharing with us!!

Good for you Ozi, and you're very welcome.

Thank you for that. You've voiced the sentiments in my head that I've been questioning. I am against animal cruelty and find it hard with the idea that not going vegetarian would make me a hypocrite and not actually be true to what i believe in. I will always give animals a voice in whatever way I can.