As much as possible ...

I have just returned from a visit to my folks.

They are all vegetarian and vegan.

I have struggled with this for years and have been vegetarian off and on.

 At present I don't eat any red meat only fish and free-range poutry.

I have travelled a lot and don't have a problem with eating meat.

But I do have a problem with cruelty, soul destroying living conditions and inhumane slaughter.



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it's good you approach it to review how you feel about it, really. It took a really transitory time in my life before I turned vegetarian and eventually vegan, and I didn't even think of it that way at the time, it just came so naturally to me, this new awareness that I was taking a life that was once living and breathing, and partaking of a dense piece of meat that felt like it weighed me down and made me feel more sad or even more angry, at times. I didn't even know a whole lot about animal cruelty, but I felt an aversion to a lot of these things, along with an aversion to lots of unhealthy and processed non-organic foods. From then I was naturally finding my aversion to meat and other unhealthy food. If it's something you're ready to do, you'll feel it and be aware of it and it will come from within, not anything you read or see. good luck no matter what you do, tas :)

Excessive meat consumption leads to unhealthy meat and cruel meat production - we must raise livestock if only to feed our pets -" you are what you eat", may be the truth in every sense of the word.

we seem to miss the point we are designed to be omnivore so as to eat both meat and veg but this was to allow us to live off the land and hunt and gather.Most modern practices are low fat and we have got rid of heart problems but we now have problems in the western world as most of us live on processed meals and take aways,reason for this most parents working and need fast food either cook in or take out ,children aren't being taught to cook by parents and most schools now cut down or have stopped cookin lessons as to much else forced on them by interferring governments that mean well but in practice it doesn't work.Sorry gone off on tangent but most abbattours are of high standards in this country and animals don't suffer but we must also remember they are animals and not human substitutes they have a place in the food chain and that is below us.

Thank you all for your comments. <br />
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darknight, you have expressed my feelings exactely<br />
<br />
As I said. I stayed with my veggie relatives recently and have returned with lots of pics. <br />
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They all look very pale and pallid next to me. Ofcourse there are very good veggie diets and not so good ones ..

This is a good post! A very controversial topic indeed. Although I love fruits and vegetables and make them a big part of my diet, I'm also a big fan of animal products. Dairy, cheese, eggs, meat, etc. I don't put down anyone who is vegetarian and vegan. I do believe they are missing out, but that's only my opinion. Ha, they probably would reply the same.<br />
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From my standing, it's not a matter of eating animals or not, it's how you treat them. And I won't joke about it being how they are prepared. No, it's a matter of how they are raised, treated in life, and yes, how they are slaughtered. Animals don't have our ability to reason. We can look at what's happening and at least understand why. Animals can't, they can't understand that they are livestock for consumption. It is our responsibility to provide them with the things in life they need, food, shelter, and comfort, the way nature intended. It's better for them, it's better for us, and it's better for the consumer...

As a child I used to have to go to the Slaughter house to collect bags of meat for the dogs <br />
<br />
The sights sounds and stench will be be with me forever<br />
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I am a 'country girl' and am realistic about nature but we have choice and I exercise mine as much as possible<br />
<br />
All respect to your hubby for being true to his feelings<br />
I wish he would write an article on what he saw and how it has affected him.

It is very difficult subject<br />
I agree most people care about animals and hate any uneccessary suffering.<br />
Many people have no idea how the animal has died. But there has been a lot of media reports here recently on lack of care and cruelty to animals so more people are becoming aware.

I guess the children can make up their minds when old enough. But I dont think there should be so many imposed restrictions for a growing child.<br />
In some cases they are suffering from malnutrtion.

Mother, are you sure about the bears?<br />
<br />
That is so horrific

Thank you joywish. It is a very emotive subject and one I have debated for hours in my younger days. I now just do what feels best for me . I prefer (and am able to pay for ) eggs and poutry that I know to be free range.<br />
But it is a complicated issue, a younger family member looks very pale and unwell and I thought that some red meat (maybe liver) might be beneficial. But I did not say that as it would have caused no end of ructions

Thank you Mother :)