The Holocaust Never Happened And Other Stories

I want to throw this out there for anyone that claims like a certain Wiemcos that the Holocaust was a lie and that Anne Frank was not murdered.

  All revisionists claim that there was maybe at best 1 or 2 million jews that lost their lives during the time they were imprisoned - not 6. 
All revisionists claim that the  " death camps " were not as bad as history would make them out to be. 
All revisionists like to claim that the " work camps " were fully functionable and those that were " interned "  { a nice word for imprisoned }  were treated with dignity and care.

This is my question....
  Why were the Jewish population deprived of their homes and their belongings in the first place?
  Why were the Jewish population led like cattle and herded into trains from the Jewish ghettos that they were thrust into and  " interned " into  the  so- called " work camps "  to begin with ? 

Why did so many die ?
  Why would there be so many of the jewish population that would lose their lives AT ALL? 

Anne Frank died of typhus at 14 years old.... WHY? 
If  Anne Frank was in the vicinity of medical attention, why DID SHE NOT GET ANY ? 

Why are GROWN MEN so concerned about what a 14 year old girl wrote in a personal diary?

I don't expect any real answers from Wiemcos because it would have to involve something more than cut and paste... but I am sure he will.

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great post

I'm reading Anne frank!! It's amazing I love it! It's for school people don't spoil it (I know she dies my teacher spoiled that one -.- but like if she gets with Peter and stuff)

Ugh. Don't bother with that guys craziness. Can we not do something about him? He's got hundreds of copy and pasted stories, none of them in the related groups, and every one of them is just antisemitic BS...None of that stuff is up to the EP code.

I stand and applaud this post. I have to ask why as well. why are these people so afraid of what this young girl wrote in a diary.. and i agree completely with Bonvivant in his response. <br />
what i fail to still understand is how people who lived right next to the ghettos still denied that it was going on.. how people who could see transport trains turn their backs and claim they saw nothing.. that it never happend. <br />
as for Wiemcos.. you are correct there is nothing more to that biggot than cutting and pasting the same lies and hate over and over.. there is not an orignal thought in his hate-filled brain.