It Is A Creation Of Humans After All.

The great thing about it is the way a human brain is limited to be fooled by an AI machine thinking it is a real human ,the question arises here ,are we ready yet for singularity ? I from time to time love to research on this field ,I believe AI is one of most exciting fields in science.
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As you where saying part of it is fooling us to believe it is a human, but what would it be like of it was not constrained to our guidelines?

Maybe an AI could teach us a thing or two about getting out of the boxes and labels we humans love to cling too.

I went to the movie "Her" recently. My favorite part is after the guy and Samantha, the AI, discus that she should stop trying to see her self as a human girlfriend. At one point the guy says are you talking to anyone ells while you're talking to me, and Samantha is like yes a thousand different entities lol... I was like yeah thats sounds like a computer to me lol...

Only sad part is I identified more with Samantha then the human characters lol ' : /