Astrology After Over 10 Years Of Brutal Scrutinization

Assuming that 1) Gravitational aspects cannot be in any way responsible for the only branch of Astrology I find to be halfway plausible - natal Astrology - due to the INCREDIBLY small forces upon any one of us at any time by any solar body other than the Earth itself, 2) Nor can magnetism be an effective explanation due to the fact that natal astrology uses Mars in its calculations: and Mars has no magnetic field.

Beyond that, there is the possibility of relative acceleration differences during each part of the year, or simply the concept that most of the planets really DON'T matter in understanding someone's "default" disposition as described by a natal chart.

If you really want to see what happened with Astrology, look into the effects of *birth season upon schizophrenia* incidence rates. The answers to how the zodiac maintained enough sense of truth in itself to last longer than the entirety of the Christian religion can be found if you look at the reasons for why people are all different in the first place.. And you can simply copy what's in between the asterisk into google scholar if you are really interested in truth instead of some kind of cute and incomplete story.
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