Dating And Astrology

I'm a firm believer of the Science of Astrology Matchmaking. My clients and some friends took my advise on their dating life from an Astrology perspective. My zodiac sign is Aries and my bad experiences are on a romantic level with Libra's. I avoid dating any other sign than Leo's. For me as an Aries, a Leo possess everything I admire. This is my 2cents on dating and astrology related to me, and the Aries-Leo Love Connections.
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I am a leo woman in a relationship with a libra man (long term) I thought everything was great and I was happy however I met an aries man this year and he totally blind sided me! Literally we are so unbelievabley perfect together it's scary haha he is completley in love with me as i am with him (i have even tried to supress this but my goodness its like an uncontrolable fire inside me and he is the fuel) my dilemma do I leave my sweet lovable libra man who i have a life/history/security with for this dynamic aries man :/ (soap oprea ending...dum dum

That's interesting... i'm an aries and i don't get along with leo's in relationships... i get along with them as friends, but can't be around them for too long or they do my head it. i'm not sure what star signs are compatible with me relationship wise because i haven't been in many... but i've been in a relationship with a sagittarius for the passed year and it's great.

I am a Leo Woman and do not do well with other Leo's...too much competition! Really! I dated a a Leo... and he actually missed a date once because he forgot to tell me he had a facial that day! Dated a Taurus, that was a disaster....too bossy and controlling, Dated a pisces...(wasn't thinking)... and all I ever heard was "I have to take care of me first" (very self protective)...not saying their all like this, but I seem to meet classic signs. <br />
Aries... lots of excitement but we burnt each other out. My best friend thinks who is organized to a fault and tries to organize everyone, ofcourse, a Virgo...and it's a big problem. <br />
I agree with funkyshh that relationships can last with with work, regardless, unless two people of incompatible signs are true to their's just too hard.

I am an Aries too, even though Leo's are the best lovers for Aries , i'm not going to close for the other zodiac signs, <br />
i think relationships can last, if both parties are making effort, and WANT to make it last.