Myths About Astrology

Numerology, Astrology, Tarot Card Readings, Daily Horoscopes
Sometimes they are so off the beat, it's really actually amusing,
after all who knows what tomorrow may bring, 
it is one of life's greatest mysteries the future.

But I have to put theory to the question "Is Astrology Real"
How would Astrologers now my personality traits as an
individual, based on my star sign Libra, the time, place
and date I was born.
Once a skeptical, I began to wonder, if a date is placed on
a certain event, then just maybe their is some truth to Astrology.

My son's star sign is Sagittarius, one off his greatest
personality traits is his wicked sense of humor, honesty
and being a philosophical child, which at times he
surprises me with his philosophical way of thinking 

My Leo Man
Astrology didn't quite nail it with your personality traits
although their is a few resemblances, in general
you are the complete opposite of a Leo.
Libra and the Leo the opposite of Leo, we sure know 
how to rock the boat and make life interesting.

This Libra attracts Virgo's, for some or other reason;
Off course I can put it down to our Libra charm
A lazy Libra and a Perfectionist Virgo is a recipe 
for disaster.
I choose Virgo because they make such wonderful friends
loyal, dedicated and very critical.
If we can stop fighting and arguing
once in a while there is room for improvement
But I love each and every Virgo friend, whom once they accept
my Libra flaws, we are the best of friends.

Aquarius is one of the star signs I hold very dear
to my heart.
My best friend was an Aquarius, we drove
each other to brink of insanity with our
conspiracy theories.
Hours will become days figuring out
and placing events and time frames 
The bond we shared was beyond friendship
Our love was immortal and yet he was gay.

Astrology is part myth part fact, I love astrology and sometimes I believe in it too. But I do prefer the mythical part of Astrology.


Jay04Sch Jay04Sch
41-45, F
5 Responses Jan 23, 2013

I'm a Virgo lol! :)

Please understand that I'm not coming with preconceived notions. Just experiences and observations as I've gotten to know several Libras over the last year. My ex, the greatest love and heartache in my life is one. My question, why is it that I notice that Libran women fall in love with the exact opposite of the ideals they say they want in a mate?

I'm a Sag and I have a lot of questions for you.

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its like i said once you start putting dates too certain events i begin to question i love astrology,