Reading Charts Are Fun!

I make and read charts for fun. I am not into foreseeing anything, just basic personality profile reading. I'm also very into synastry reading between anyone and everyone. I could easily sit down and do it all day, every day for months.

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5 Responses Mar 24, 2009

Usually conjunctions/oppositions. After that, the Sun/Moon midpoint and aspects to it. The main planets and astoroids I keep an eye on are the luminaries, Saturn, Pluto, Eros, and Juno. I have not gone astoroid crazy yet, but I might. lol

Cool. When beginning to read a synastry chart, or just glancing at two charts, what are the first things you look at?

Nice! I like reading charts too. though I'm still kinda amateur at it. I'm not that good with synastry though :(

Plane ol' synastry. I find the personality differences and how they play out in various relationships every entriguing.

There are different kinds of astrology though, which do you like to use?