And Meditation Helps To Find It-

One of the quickest tests to see if you're in balance or not is to see how pure your interactions with others are. If you're quick to judge, snippy, short, or unable to make eye contact, and you feel like life is out to get you, then it's a pretty sure bet that you're not in balance-
And most of us aren't. Few of us make the time to center ourselves before we head out into the world for the day. This can make it impossible to make any of our interactions pure, or for our day to go smoothly. We begin to feel that every day is like a day on a battlefield, and we need to have everything go our way or we're screwed. But we're not, and we can discover that for ourselves by learning to meditate.
Time and time again I've heard people say that they can't meditate, or that it's not for them, but the benefits of a daily practice not only benefit ourselves but they benefit our world by making us more conscious of how we move through it. A daily meditation practice should be a fundamental part of taking care of ourselves, just as eating and breathing are. Meditating makes space within our being so that we become more flexible and resilient to the pressures of life. Learning to meditate may offer a few challenges and you may find you're quite resistant to it initially, but with practice you will find that it is profoundly beneficial to how much inner peace can be cultivated. Meditation IS peace... All it takes is the commitment to just 15 minutes a day, and I recommend it first thing in the AM, just after you've showered and before you have breakfast. Learning to develop a sense of 'witness consciousness' is important in learning to keep one's self on track through the frenetic pace of the day. One learns that despite all of the rush and hubub of the world, there's part of you that is sitting in a relaxing beach chair on a beautiful beach somewhere watching the tide come in and go out, not in a daydreamy sense, but in an energetic sense. Meditation helps to feed that inner source from which all of our actions emanate. We can learn that we are not victims of this world; we are co-creators of it. There will always be challenges in life, but the best way to encounter a challenge is from a place of purity and peace, and that's something that lies within each and every one of the 7 billion of us walking this planet. Acknowledging that place is essential in creating a new paradigm, and creating this new paradigm is up to us all-
Now find a comfortable, relaxing seated position with your spine nice and straight, and simply pay attention to your breath. Let the thoughts come and go as though you were watching them on a conveyor belt moving without interruption in front of you. Come back to focusing on your breath. Do this for 15 minutes, avoiding the urge to get up and tackle your day. At the end of the 15 minutes, thank yourself for committing yourself to the fundamental building block of self-care. And then go out and make it a great day for yourself and everyone else you encounter...
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2 Responses Nov 7, 2011

Funny that I wrote this as a (convincing) essay of encouragement to myself, as I've been on and off the meditation wagon several times in the past two decades. Back on it now, re-committing myself to the practice, and already feel better from it...

Fantastic! Perfect! Time for yourself and only yourself is something necessary every day! Concentrating on our breath and trying to just relax. It is so simple and will yield such great results. The 15 minute meditation is necessary for sure! I usually advise my family and friends to take one hour out of every day to try to find some solitude. Some complain that life is too hectic and it is not possible. I hope eventually i can talk them into it. The 15 minutes certainly sounds like an amount of time anyone can find. Since i am retired, the gift of time is mine most of the time. I have discovered i can have absolute stillness in my mind, thoughts, heart and feel that connection to the universe. It is an extraordinary feeling. A moment of uninterrupted peace. A small miracle each time. Well worth the time to spend cultivating your sense of self and peace. Some of the best ingredients of life :)