My Quest And Purpose In Life, To Be Me.

I truly believe in BEING MYSELF NO MATTER WHO LIKES IT and I can prove that by many instances in my life.

When I was in elementary school, I was not a fashion diva but I liked to dress myself; a brightly flowered top and multi-colored corduroys with stripes. I was in 4th grade and the teacher had me stand up on my chair while she proceeding to ask that class "what is wrong with what grantdsgirl is wearing?"...I had chosen my outfit for the day and though it was not haute couture I reserved the right to be wrong in my pattern selection according to the world but I was "being me" and I validated my choices even at that young age.

I was in high school, I was a "GO GETTER"...I was a leader and admired by others and teachers who I assisted in various jobs. I also tested some mild drugs and among my "druggie" friends, I was "just me" but I was also a good student and received an honor for having STRAIGHT As for the first half of my senior year. It came as a shock to my druggie friends as well as the "elite" that did not see me as "one of them"...I was just "being me".

A good girlfriend and I almost dually "put on" the most successful and beautiful Spring Dance while working within a "girls group". Our work was not appreciated and I was told that I was "bossy" in helping a fledgling group organize a Dance very quickly or they would not have had one that year. We "saved the day" and was criticized for it. I enjoy "being me" so much that even though we were not appreciated; we were proud of our accomplishments and happy with the turnout of the dance. We then quit the stupid group. Who needed them? We only joined to help put on the dance. lol 

I believe that we have to learn to FIGHT to "be me" especially when the world around us is filled with nay sayers and those who do not have vision and hope for the future. I would rather be me and endure their criticism and negativism than to be like them. 
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46-50, F
May 19, 2012