Being True

                                              i really believe in being you no matter who likes it. i wasnt always like this. but, as ive aged i have learned you must please yourself. you can never make everyone happy anyway. if they like you so be it but if not so be it------------works for me anyway!!!

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1000% agree :)

thankyou Motomouth you are right!

That sounds like the best way to be, otherwise you end up being unhappy.

Thanks all of you guys!!

I agree you can not make people happy.

good!i agree 135%people are always going to find something wroung with what you do.

When I was young, I was silly and immature for my age. I developed a fake personae, and had a lot of friends. As I grew older, I no longer had the patience or wherewithall to maintain the farce, and it wasn't becoming nor was it workin' for me. <br />
<br />
So now I'm just me, and I have a handful of friends. The difference is in the quality. When I was acting goofy, I had bargin-basement friends, and a few weren't really even likeable! But now my friends are sparkling jewels!

I can't agree more... Good work Flourlady. ^_^

Ditto! I can only be me :)

Works for me too!!

The people around me wish that I didn't agree with you, but to bad for them!

I agree 100%