Bigfoot In Arkansas

This is a True Story!

Yeah,  Bigfoot is real; doesn't matter what the naysayers say, if you ever see one, you'll know they're very real.

I was coming home from a jaunt to Tulsa with my Arkansas Hillbilly buddy; it was late at night. We were about a half hr. from Bentonville. I was leaning back, dozing, and suddenly my pal woke me up, frantic & excited, telling me to "Look At That!" I opened my eyes, still drowsy, and saw in the headlights something huge & hairy; he had put on the brights (pitch black outside), and the Bigfoot creature stopped 50-60 ft. ahead (near the lower side of the road, which was dirt cut into a high 45 degree slope). It seemed frozen like a dear, and I caught a look at it, and then Bam! it took off up the other side of the road, and ran up the slope, like nothing I've ever seen, except something out of special effects. It took that steep grade effortlessly & fast.

Me & my bud started jabberin', and I said, "Stop the Car"; and being wiser, he sort of chuckle-smarmed me, and said, (his voice shivvering), "No; no-o! I don't think that'd be a good idea."

I looked for it as we past by, but it was gone in the night (my bud, driving, had slowed to a near stop, and then sped up as Bigfoot scrambled up the hillside).

It was all hairy, stood entirely erect, was very wide in girth (not overweight, just thick-built), had full hair on the face, and had a head shaped human-like; it's nose was man-like, with no protruding lower-jar area like a gorilla or bear, which was what shocked me most. It appeared huge, seemingly 7 1/2 - 8 ft. tall.

Well, the windows were up, & I didn't smell anything unusual. Me & my bud (born & bred Arkansas hillbilly, from up Harrison-way) regularly hiked, spelunked, river-walked, or sometimes just fished, about once or twice a wk.. Anyway, I told a few people over the yrs., but it was dark night, and happened really quickly. This was many years ago. My hillbilly friend said he'd never seen anything like it in his many years spent out in the woods & hills. It didn't look anything like any of the pictures you can see on the internet.

They are quite real; you can be certain of that.
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Great encounter!!too bad your buddie didnt want to get out even just to hear it crashing uo the hillside i heard that can traverse anyground at a fast pace . I never have seen or heard one but while i was elk hunting i scared a few bulls they darted through the forest and up a hill it made alot of noise would have been interesting to just hear that

Agreed. It was his car and he was driving. I'd have stopped and got out; it was just too awesome an event. Btw, I have lived up near Oregon (Washington), and in Colorado, where I had a cabin set above a cliff-curve in a river below, right on the edge of a National Forest (near Pine; lots of Elk!). It was most beautiful. I used to hike up Bar Trail weekly (from the base) when I lived in Manitou. Thanks for your comment.

Bar trail I have traversed many times The incline is on its way to being legal to traverse

I don't think they are indigenous to Earth. Ancient history has been eradicated intentfully. Many investigators, such as Joseph Farrell, have uncovered some amazing recent data regarding this. And huemans are evolutionally engineered products of native fauna & ultraterrestrial intelligence (genetics). This is How the Two Poles (yin-yang) InterAct to Incept Higher Species in Creation.

I've had the same idea in my head. I'm pretty sure they are telepathic and there are even references to them in Sumerian texts. They don't call them Bigfoot’s of course. They refer to them as a failed genetic experiment. A wild animal with extraterrestrial telepathy, one that could not be tamed.

It was during the late 70's. I didn't sense anything malevolent about it, but just seeing it scared my native hillbilly friend. We were, apppox., about 30 mins. from Bentonville when we saw it. He always did the driving on our adventures as it was his home state. i never saw the movie you mention. Since the windows were up, I didn't notice any odor, as usually reported. The Bigfoot didn't slouch, and was fast and powerful when it moved. I was very stunned by this, also. I imagine they are fully telepathic and use this to evade most human presence. My urology teacher told our entire lab class that she could hear people's thoughts, but 'prayed to god for it to stop,' and it did. She asked for hands who believed her; I was the only one. Man is a predator, you realize; one with no mercy.

I used to be sceptical and not sure if bigfoot or sasquatch existed but, lately I have had this sense that he does exist and feel it is true that there is one.