On a cattledrive to our property in Black Lake,located in Colfax Co. N.M. my brothers and I drove about 400 head of cattle to graze on the summer grasses up in the mountain pastures.My job was pretty much to choke down dust, riding drag.My job was to pick up stragglers and see they don't get lost in the brush,and general keep the herd going from the rear at a decent pace.My older brothers rode left and right swing and my cousins were left and right flankers.I rode down a couple young steers that got a little wily and thought about giving me a hard time.They took off into the timbers so I went off after them.Not long after they wandered off,they both came out of the woods hauling *** faster than I had ever seen a beef run,My Palomino ,Ceasar was acting a bit skiddish too,ears back,and just unsteady.I pulled my rifle out of the scabbard on my saddle and got the feeling of being watched,something spooked those two steers and had Ceasar on edge,me too.I thought bear or cougar..I heard branches pop and look though I did I saw nothing.Then it moved.I didn't see it till it moved,it was no bear,the dark shape moved too fast on two feet for that! It retreated back deep into the woodline snapping branches as it left.It was big,about as tall as me sitting on horseback.I rejoined the herd and my brother Steve relieved me on drag.I briefed him as to what happened as well as my dad. My dad said,"Keep your rifles handy but don't get all trigger happy, keep your heads and finish the drive." Working cattle all his life in these mountains I believe he knew what was up here.He kept tight lipped about it..The drive finished without further incident.I reckon he was curious about the cattle and wondered what us humans were up too.It may have been our drive but this was his range...
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PS Good story Darkwolf83

Thank you!

sounds legit to me bro, a lot of people have the same feeling of being watched and of dogs even feeling it before us humans do.

Thank you! Animals use instincts so well honed. We as Humans may have had good instincts but because of technologies and conveniences have let them dwindle..

You did see a bigfoot. They do exist. I saw one several years ago, reported it to the BFRO. I then got involved with the organization because they understood. As an investigator for them now, I speak to many people who see and hear them. Recently, on an investigation I saw another one. The BFRO has over 35,000 reports - even if 50% of the reports are mistaken identity/misidentification - that's an awful lot of reports. I encourage you to report your encounter to the BFRO. It's annon. and the investigator can help you with any questions you have.

I am a believer,although what I saw was a quick fleeting glance,I trusted my horses' instincts and try to think the way a squatch would wondering,"Now what are those little hairless things up to this time on my mountain.."

Wow, could it be a wildman who doesnt wear clothes and when humans dont wear clothes they begin to grow hair to keep warm all over their body, the world has a lot of sightings of such a man, crazy to some but its a possability.<br />
Enjoyed your story its got me thinking.

Thank you 8pops! I am open to any possibility..