I Will Have My Revenge

When I was 8 my father took me camping in the Missouri foot hills it was the happiest day of my life until dinner time...my father set out our food for us as I played on the blanket safe and content.Not a care in the world until suddenly there was a crash and a scream from behind me.As I turned a horrifying scene unfolded in front of me...my father grasped two slimjims in his bloodied hand as the last breath left his body, the retched Sasquatch crouched above him,his blood lust still written across his face as he grabbed the long meat sticks from my dead father and pushed his body aside. Noooooooo I screamed but it was already to late,his attention turned to me as he stood his full height and bellowed a huge and frightening cry...with the fluid motion of a menstruating bobcat I was on my feet and running at the monster,with another fierce roar the big foot rushed toward me arms out and moth open ready for the kill and drunk on the still frest smell of slimjims on my breath....I leaped into the air hands extended and impacted with the Sas,instantly I was climbing his hairy body with the speed of a coked out spider monkey as I reached his neck I started tearing at his jugular with my teeth...something happened,I was down in the dirt now,still crazy with the pain of seeming my father dispatched so senselessly but as I regained my balance I saw that I was alone in the clearing fur sticking to my face and palms and evidence of the Sas injuries was all that I had......he was gone.
To this day I still hunt the Sas that killed my father those 20 sum years ago,I will find him one day....and he will pay!
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Umm, it's Jack Links, not Slim Jims.

The menstruating bobcat imagery was frightening. I'm going to have night terrors now. To think............I was finally over the trauma of the chupacabra attack.

Oh dear...I do hope there's a story for that :)

You are one tough chick :)

I know,I surprise myself

I don't know which I liked better...<br />
<br />
"with the fluid motion of a menstruating bobcat "<br />
<br />
or <br />
<br />
"coked out spider monkey"<br />
<br />
I think the bobcat. Yes. The bobcat.<br />
<br />

I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Ahahaha @ this story!!