Anyone Have Any Experiences In B.C.?

I have a couple stories I would like to share which has made me a true believer.
There is one story that occurred in the Hope region of B.C. when I was ten yrs old. I was at an old campsite we used to visit when me and my sister was alot younger we went there for the weekends with my parents and family freinds. It was a great place to fish and hike and spend a great deal of quality time with the family. There was alot of wildlife we became familiar with and grown used to listening to. Nothing was unusual for us until my father brought us to stay one last night visiting the old camp ground. We took notice there were warning signs posted to not tresspass and was forbidden for overnight stays. It was unusual for the old road that lead down the old path towards the river and creek still was accessible. So my father decided it was safe enough to follow through and continue with our stay like we once used to do and was permitted in the old days. We stayed the night and camped out in the car which sat by the creek towards the exit. It was pretty late and very dark and we were the only car present on the site. The sound's of the creek was clear and very close by. My parents didn't have a hard time falling asleep, I was laying in the back seat and couldnt find myself to close my eyes. Suddenly I sat up listening to a humming noise coming by the creek. It sounded like a lady humming a songto herself. I woke up my mother to see if she heard it too just to verify that I wasn't imagining anything. She woke and sat silently listening to what she thought was a ghost possibly. There was no explanation for it. Suddenly it stopped. Splashing of water was clearly heard coming towards the car. It freaked us both out she tried to warn my father who wasn't waking up and in a deep sleep. We grew both quiet and still, I held my breathe when we both heard a loud thumping coming next to us by the car on a tree something had been slamming something hard against it. Then it made a loud screaming sound I have never heard before in my life. It was frightening and so loud it echoed. It remains fresh to this day in my mind since.
trinity11 trinity11
Dec 15, 2012