My Second Sighting In Bc

Was also not reported. It was new years 1999. I was driving along #1 hwy with my brother his wife, my newborn and their 1yr old little girl. We were heading back to Vancouver and made a random washroom stop beside Mooselake. It was a small rest stop sitting by the river. We already made a fuel stop in Jasper and didn't want to make any more stops until we reached Kamloops. As we pulled in, there was a car sitting parked that looked abandoned, it sat in the direction of exiting the rest stop towards jasper way. We thought maybe the person just stopped for a sec to go back into the rest stop. I asked my brother to see if there was anyone there who may have left the car sitting running like the way we noticed with the doors wide open and igniton and headlights on. My brother took his family to the washroom. I sat to settle my baby down and feed him, before we pulled in we had also noticed a trucker made a stop there a well. After they left for the bathroom, a guy had approached me at my window tapping on it, he was trying to get my attention in an urgent manner. I was startled and never opened the window for him. I was hoping he'd leave, he kept asking me to roll the window down and look towards where he kept pointing. I was too afraid to bother looking thinking he could've been a weirdo. So i avoided him best I could.
When my brother came back, i asked if anyone was in the bathroomwho might have left teh car sitting the way it was, he said nobody was around bc he looked for the person. Thats when the trucker immediately approached him to tell him what he was directing us to see. He told me he wasnt tryign to scare anyone but he wanted to claify what he was seeing to assure he wasnt seeing things or going crazy. We all looked to see what the urgency was it took our attention and breath away. It was something far taller and much larger than a person, it had fur and was dark in appearance, the arms fell much longer than anyone normally. It was pulling something that we noticed looked like a person up the snowy embankment above the road across the opposite side from the rest stop. Our jaws dropped and were frightened by what we seen. it had to have been the person that left the car sitting idling. It gave evryoen chills and the trucker told us he was going to report the car abandoned and person as missing. The creature we seen had no clothing on and what to appear as fur top to bottom. It was watching us watch him as he continued to pull what loooked like a person up the hill. Right away we jumped into the car to get away from there before anything else occurred, the trucker also left immedialty fast as we could go. While we drove away we had to pass along the embankment in the direction where we spotted what we believed was a Sasquatch. I looked out the back window sitting beside my newborn and niece scared outa my wits watching this creature running on top of the treed hill to our direction through the snow. We drove as fast as possible to get out of there without making any stops, my brother was so afraid he was in tears and he's a big brute of a man which left him feel a bit awkward after telling me he's never experienced such a sighting in his life and never will travel BC highways again apparently this was his first time on the #1 highway. We didn't bother reporting it bc we didn't want people thinking we were crazy bc of so many skeptics then.
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I'm just curious is there any truth to this story has a missing person report been done Central Alberta Canada bigfoot page facebook

I have always suspected BF as a prime suspect in some human abduction cases. If you research history, especially Native American culture, you'll discover that this behavior dates back for centuries, probably since these creatures have been in contact with "modern man". If you have not done so, you need to read three publications by David Paulides, entitled "Missing 411" (Eastern, Western and N. America and Beyond). This report is only the second or third instance where there is an actual eye witness to the abduction in progress...very compelling...

However, you had just witnessed a fatality, I hope you all gave statements to law enforcement as to what you observed. Since victims of this type of predation are sometime never found, the proper reporting channels could have given the family of the victim some type of solace...

This is an example of why I never travel remote areas alone or unarmed...

Hi. Crazy story. I'm from northern BC and until recently I hadn't believed in something as crazy as big foot. I even mocked someone who told me that seen one.

But last summer me and a few friends were on a farm by a field of tall grass. We were hoping to see a meteor shower that was suppose to happen that night. It was about 2 AM and we were about to call it quits and my friend was fidgeting with a flashlight pointing it into the tall grass. We then heard loud footsteps running towards us and a loud deep growl and we took of running to the house which was luckily very close. We thought it might have been a bear and even joked that it was Sasquatch.

Anyway. Our dog who chases beats away no problem was scared witless at the top of the hill and looking into the grass frozen with fear. Wouldn't come to us as we called him. He started barking and we heard the foot steps again but didn't see anything. A few min passed as we say inside wondering what it was and I looked out the window and seen a very tall shadowy figure standing in the grass. I grabbed the flashlight and pointed it towards it and my heart went cold and I got the chills, as I shown the light at it it looked at me and its eyes were glowing. I quickly said "guys! There's a Fwckn Sasquatch out there!" They laughed but soon seen the seriousness in my tone and ran to look, it sat down in the grass and just stared at us playing with the grass in a ape like fashion. My friend went and grabbed a shot gun. But by the time we went out there it was gone. The next morning we could see a clear outline that it had been laying down right beside us in the tall grass. I've encountered many bears working at a camp and with all certainty I believe what we saw was indeed a Sasquatch.