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There was a creature to the east who walked the land like a beggar. Now at a farmhouse and now at a widow's cottage he begged for a dead possum or some rancid grease. A parson gave him a suit, and it lopped around his hungry ribs and shoulders and waved in the wind as he shambled over the fields. But his eyes were so wide and his pelt so shiny that no one refused him what he asked. And asking for water, he was given milk.

Where do you come from?

From the east, he said.

So they knew he was a bigfoot, and gave him a meal to clean the yards. As he bent with a rake over the dung and the trodden grain, he heard a voice rise in his heart. He put his hand into the hay, cought a mouse, rubbed his hand over its muzzle, and ate it.
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Intresting the squatch seems to be comunicating . It wouldn't suprise me these are smart creatures that have adapted all over the world and have existed for centuries