Car Seats Saves Lives



Car Seats have become a law for a reason! 

 I can't imagine any infant/child in a moving vehicle without one. 

 I think back when all my children were too young to benefit from regular seat-belts.  Let alone a car seat. 

 I remember holding my 1st born at the age of 3 months (1976) and in 1 single 40mi trip we almost had 2 seperate accidents.  And not do to any of our own actions. It was our lucky day!!!!!  Well, and good driving skills of my husband. 

 First we drove only 40mi out into no-mans land in South Dakota, USA where everything was flat and bare.  That is other than one of the very few large valleys we had to travel down into.  It was more than a few miles wide and soon after an odd curve, we watched in horror a herd of wild horses take off and cross the road right in front of us.  Doing the speed of 60mph and with some driving skills and God helping us through the maze we made it out to the other end of a living nightmare.  With our hearts pounding and stating "Thank You Lord" we took a deep breath and sighed with relief.

 Then sure enough, in just another 20mi when we were back up on flat land, we had to go through a sharp zig-zag curve to circle around our small town, and as we were picking up our speed, only to find a car coming toward us full of intoxicated individuals thinking it would be really cool to jump into our lane just a few car lengths in front of us.  My husband forcefully turn the steering wheel to the right, which threw us into the ditch and out of harms way.

 Need-less to say we were very grateful to survive that also without even a bruise.  I shutter to think how our baby could of been thrown out of my arms and God only knew what could of happened to her.

 What's crazy is that we were out where the risk of a possible accident was slim.  The point being is to think even a short couple blocks can never be 100% safe.

 There is a part 3 to this day of bad luck.  But it doesn't include the need for a car seat.  Just a rifle to take care of the large rattle snake hiding under the parked car next to where we pulled up on my side at nightfall.  I waited for my husband to get into the ranch house and flip on the yard light and then my getting out of the car next to it.  We were all safely inside when our faithful ranch dog started barking as if we had an intruder.  My Hubby grabbed the rifle and found this large rattle snake just a couple of feet from my door under the parked car.  It doesn't take much to watch a rattle snake explode.  No matter where you point the tip of the rifle because the snake will "sit" up just inches from the rifles nose and follow it back and forth.


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6 Responses Feb 11, 2009

lol thats's cute lololol

Of course not, my baby rides with me most of the time. I call them three legged donkey, stripeless zebra, or some animal name!!

Yep, I have no problem calling them names!!!!!! Just so it's not in the ears of the little ones!!!!!!

Sometimes I just call them names. How can a parent be so stupid! risking a child's life.

YW. It is pretty upsetting!!!!!!

Thank you, I really get mad at people who abuse their child by disobeying this rule