The True Sign of a Loving Relationship

I show him my caring love by cooking for him and washing his clothes, showering him, though he makes me do it blind folded, I love to feel his muscular physique!! I love to take care of his strong drive to have more of me in the bedroom.  MY reward is verbal praise and affectionate talk. Well, this are just a few things I do for him.

How do you or would show caring love to the one you care for?
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1 Response May 24, 2007

I understand the give and reward you are talking about. It's something so hard to explain, you did a good job of it. I can't seem to verbalize the feelings I have for the things I do for him. Isn't it amazing how the words "good girl" sound so insignificant on their own but when they come out of his mouth they mean the world. It truly is a beautiful relationship.