Fresh Waters

It seems like the the wheel is turning in our favor. 

My Best Friend Angel is starting her own little boutique and I'm so proud of her. Many negative things could be and I'm sure has been said about her but I've known her for 17 years and for a 6 month period we were step sisters. I've watched her grow and change so much over the years and all for the better.

Today, I went with her to visit her husband and ended up not getting to go in because... I had a lighter in my pocket I had forgotten about. After her visit though we went thrift store shopping, stopped at a few garage sales and shared a nice conversation over a delicious meal in a small town cafe. It's been awhile since I've spent that much time with her and I enjoyed myself. 

I helped her hang up clothes in her boutique which is opening in a few weeks and listened to all her ideas. She's a beautiful person inside and out. She also knows that I don't say anything that I don't mean so when I kept telling her how proud I was of her and how great she was doing the big grin on her face was a reward for me. I love her very much and admire her greatly. 

I look back over our lives together and how much not only she has changed but how much I've changed. I remembered how we used to be super goofy teenagers, super spiritual Christians, super judgmental at times but always very close and caring. Talking to her I remember the box that I've grown out of and the many mental prisons I used to be locked up in. We've come a mighty long way. 

My heart is overflowing... all I can think on now is how important the journey is instead of getting impatient for the destination. Life is hard but it's still good. She's working just as hard as I am, being a single mom herself. I imagine sometime in the near future we'll be sitting around one of our kitchen tables drinking coffee and laughing about all the silly things we used to do or talking about small beginnings, her boutique and my concrete tree's.... 

As long as we keep letting the waters of life flow through us, living, experiencing, learning, loving and embracing the changes of life  then the waters will always remain fresh and pure. How wonderful it was to drink from them tonight... I am extremely tired but my heart is full of love and my soul is refreshed again. I'm ready for the challenges of more changing, now. 
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2 Responses Jun 16, 2012

Amen!Wish you nothing but peace love and happiness:-)

Hi Rayn - that was such a beautiful story about you and your friend. Please let us know how she is doing with the boutique and i want to hear that it is a raging success. :) You two have been so close for so many years. It is great to have many years of friendship like that. Accepting change is the only way to have a great life. You two are doing great with that. Life can be hard but with an open heart, it will work out if you are patient. Yes .. the journey is everything like you said even more than the destination. thanks for the great story :) xoxoxo happy weekend ! :) .. hapi :)