Only God

In my younger years I was wild
Trying different drugs because the people I hung out with was always doing it.Had more than one sex partner only because of what they could do for me.The only thing I thought about was money!If money wasn't involved it definitely wasn't going down.The good thing (Was) I came from a believing family.I would pray but really didn't no Jesus like I no him today.It came a time in my life where he appeared and slowly started changing me!Only because of Jesus I believe in change.He has changed me alot in some ways I dont like at all,At times I still cry out and ask why...Its a saying that I always heard...and that is God works in mysterious ways!But Jesus coming into my life was the best ever.He has revealed his self to me in many different ways,Jesus has changed me alot,the way I think,the people I choose to hang out wit,And most of all the things I choose to do!Once God starts the good work within you he want stop to its complete...No no no im not a saint im human.God has showed me that he is alive and his word which is the bible is active.I believe in (Change) only and I mean only because of God!I dont care what the problem is God can and will fix it(Faith)is the key just believe,And because of God I Am A change women trying to find her way.I BELIEVE IN CHANGE ONLY BECAUSE I BELIEVE IN MY GOD...YOU KNOW JESUS FATHER,YOU KNOW THE ONE WHO OPEN UP THE RED SEA,WHO USED FIRE BY NIGHT AND CLOUD BY DAY TO LEAD HIS PEOPLE! THE GOD WHO MADE IT RAIN MANNA FOR HIS PEOPLE IN THE DESSERT, BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY GAVE HIS ONLY SON FOR THE ENTIRE WORLD SIN!IM TALKING THE ONLY TRUE GOD(JEHOVAH)YES HIM....BECAUSE OF HIM I HAVE HOPE,I BELIEVE IN CHANGE...KNOWING ITS NOTHING TO HARD FOR MY GOD TO FIX!PRAYERS+FAITH=HOPE AND MOST OF ALL CHANGE;)
Cameyy Cameyy
26-30, F
Jan 23, 2013