Change Is Remembering We Are All Red, White, and Blue.

This is something that is so easy to say... but we have become a country divided on the lines of color. Blue States. Red States. Rarely are we these "United States." Politicians campaign on this idea that we should vote for them because they "reach across the aisle." But the bigger question is: DO WE? We, everyday citizens, must be the examples for our leaders just as we hope that the reverse is true. McCain or Obama all the way down to our local community representatives are only the best of us because they are made better by us. We must show them the way to leadership and hold them accountable by our own actions. Our behavior can and will dictate theirs. Simply said, lead by example.... us to them and them to us.

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Well, I think you are a wise man Jake<br />
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Tom<br />
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PS: I am Canadian but love you guys

Very wise thoughts. I think it has to start with the children of the world. I believe there are far too many children brought up with the parent philosophy of "Give them what they want so they have everything I didn't have."<br />
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I am against this. I believe children should be brought up knowing that respect for themselves and others is a main life rule. The morals of yesteryear are sorely missed. Kids have so much these days that they are not given the chance to learn about life by living it. Life is not handed to you on a silver platter, so why do they think it is? <br />
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Kids come out of school thinking they are too good for some jobs. That they DESERVE better without having to prove themselves in the world.<br />
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Learning about our environment and nature by being in it. Learning about family values and morals by spending time WITH them. In the same room not just the same house. By working together to achieve a goal even if it is getting dinner ready. Then sitting down and talking AND listening to one another.<br />
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That is where the great men and women of the past came from. Yes go to school and learn what is important, but don't waste thousands of dollars learning things that we will not use in life.<br />
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Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Washington, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Rosa Parks (The lady that refused to give her seat on the bus), Davey Crockett and many more. They all lived and stood up for what they believed in.All these people were raised to respect others and expect respect in return.<br />
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I hope this is not too far off subject, if so please forgive me.

In most ways I agree is should start at home. BUT. It should start in the heart first, then it should go on to the home, the neighborhood, the friends and ALL you encounter. <br />
I agreed our politians should be motivated by our actions. They should be "shown" this is the way WE want it done. <br />
I am very proud of this country to show that times and mentalities are changing. JUST changing, not changed entirely.<br />
I am proud of the fact that I have been part of that change in mre ways than one, but I am but one peson. WE ALL NEED TO DO THIS.<br />
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We NEED TO MAKE RIPPLES in the current system, mentality, political, environmentally, as well as just the way things are in ALL the communities around this county. Just so we re-teach our youth, our Elderly, as well as our Neighbors. I definitetly agree we should all STOP seeing reds, blues, greens, purples...well you get the idea.

Absolutely!!! This truth could not have been expressed in an more succinct, accurate, and straight-forward manner. We live in an age where personal responsibility almost no longer exists. It's all about passing the buck and pointing the finger, and making claims of "the devil (or pick your patsy) made me do it". "I had a rough childhood, my pores are big, I failed Algebra in 9th grade..." the litany of useless excuses is often seemingly eternal. It's become not just popular but standard procedure for most of us Americans to search outside of ourselves for some sinister enemy rather than taking a good, hard look in the mirror and in maturity and courage saying "What part do I play in this?"<br />
Let it begin at home, for otherwise there will be nothing positive to perpetuate. And I take FULL responsibility for my part as well!