I Wish Obama Did Not Spend Millions On the Infomercial - That Is Not Change - and I Want to Believe!

The infomercial literally changed my mind about Obama. He keeps talking about the economy and how he is going to help. I was shocked to see his infomercial playing across almost all the major channels during primetime (and the world series). This hurt my heart. I really thought there was no need for this given his lead and all the free press he gets everyday - if he staged a media event, they would all have come, so why, why, why spend millions of dollars on this. I want to see him LIVE CHANGE as I must every day to do my part to help myself, my family and my community. This was very sad to me, and changed my mind completely. I want to believe in change, but I don't think that he living it as we must now.

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Millions of people watched that. I'm glad he didnt risk loseing because he didnt spend the money. There are probable alot of great independent canadates but, you know what? I can't name many, unfortunatly they didnt have the oppurtunity that Obama had. WE americans gave money to the campain it was an obligation for him to use it. That is how much us americans believed in him, we gave our dollars to see him succeed in his campain and he did!

Where did Obama get his "private funding"? Who paid for his college education? Since you are so defensive about the money and his lack of spirituality, maybe you could tell me what percentage of Americans contributed to his campaign.

Here is a fact for you McCains money came from your tax dollars obama didn't take a penny he did it all from private funding with out touching your tax dollars. It's his own money. Also McCain has been using a lot more through out the race than obama so obama saved it all for the end. So McCain used your money and Obama used his own so its his choice. I have hope in change.

vanuzela THat is an outrage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how dare you say that we didn't come here for god we came here for the freedom of having to belive in god. America has seperation of church and state. It's dispicible that you want them to thank god. I know many wise, Patriotic americans who don't belive in god. Peopole include my father, who is one of the smartest peopole I know, and my step mom, the number one rated nuerosurgen in America. Tell me these peopole aren't american! They have a different belife than you makes them unpatriotic. When you look at the president you shouldn't seee a christan or a muslim or any other religon whatsoever but a person with thoughts and belifes to change this country. So how dare you say have they thanked god! I'm a butahist who wants to vote for Obama and thats ok. Go become a Muslim if you want to have a united church and state, and while your there read the constitution!!!

Has any of the candidates given thanks to God. Are any of these two men humble enough to give the credit for their success to a higher power. What I am afraid of is the notion that any successful man will take the credit himself and tell the whole nation that anything you want can be achieved. Lets see - how did he do it - he spent the most money of the two. That is the message I got. Get the most money behind you and you can become President. Has anyone spoken of the basic principles that this country was founded on - the whole reason that any of us enjoy living in a FREE country. Why are we here? Because our ancestors wanted to worship God. To draw upon the powers of God to enrich and bless their lives. So, if we are truly American then we support such principals that blood was spilled for, that sacrifices were made for, that the heavens were called upon to design and build a nation that in 2008 no longer looks to God (it's creator) as the head of this great land. I cannot respect any man that exemplifies his success by how much money he raises, spends and has. Show me a man that humbly acknowledges that he is nothing, that he can do nothing and that nothing is too great to accomplish without God - and I will show you a man who can lead, repair and PROTECT this nation.

lol @ red...<br />
Seriously with the debt we are in and he goes out spends alllll this money on a stupid infomercial instead of trying to do something...tisk tisk tisk

Your Moma brought you into this world and Obama will take you out

Obama is change! Don't give up on him now! You have to remember, he's fighting fire with fire right now. Yea. He probably shouldn't have spent that money, but he's just trying to ensure his win. See his speech in Ohio. He'll make you a believer again. :)

I heard that too, but I got my info secondhand from my mom and I'm not sure where SHE got it. I can find out, though, I just have to wait til she gets off work

I read somewhere that they had previously agreed to cap spending to be conscious of the nation's economic woes, then obama chose to uncap his spending, but i may be wrong. might anyone know about this? T

Trouble with Obama's CHANGE mantra is, not all change is good. If you're standing in the rain and someone snatches your umbrella, THAT'S change. I'm very afraid that Obama will give us change we can do without.<br />
McCain has been spending a heck of a lot less on political ads than Bush did, unless my memory of the last election is failing me.