The Professor And The Pupil.....a Sensually Erotic Lesson

There is a chemistry between two people....a connection as it were that feels like it was created by the "gods". A chemistry that prior to today I never fully grasped until now.

Chemistry is a wonderfully magically amazing thing; it can be wondrous and electrifying or in my cause a sensually erotic lesson taught by a skilled and "cunningly" intelligent Professor who taught this pupil a thing or two about the chemistry between two people.

Today's lesson started out simple enough...the pleasantries and greetings " are you? Fine and yourself?" What transpired next unbeknownst to me would be my official clarification of said unspoken chemistry between the Professor and me...the pupil. Slowly...meticulously...deliberately....on purpose even the seduction began.

Explaining the curriculum...kissing 101, licking 101, sucking 101, touching 101, oral it getting hot in here Professor or is that just me? She asked innocently enough...or so she thought. Question unanswered only more courses listed with some being expounded on and others being extrapolated on to the point of a demonstration...albeit instructional...vocal instructions meant to further squash any lingering doubts of the chemistry between the Professor and his now eager willing pupil.

And to think chemistry was a subject once avoided but after today's sensually erotic lesson...************ with a friend 101 which quickly turned into penetration 101....which had the pupil panting, moaning, aroused, wet and ready for the next lesson.

So, yes this pupil FIRMLY believes and WHOLEHEARTEDLY believes in the chemistry between two people and I have the moist panties to prove it!
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2 Responses May 23, 2012

What a great story!! I LOVED it!! :)

Thanks Sierra! Glad you liked it :)


LOL yes and I need to finish the last sentence. Happened today...the lesson I MEAN. ;)

Well....he's not a "real" professor but by golly he should be ;)