Story Of The Devil (how I Came To Believe In Chozen)

One day I found my true love. Eventually he told me he was a devil. This is what he said:
I am a Devil; I am what you call Chozen. You may be Chozen too.
The Chozen are people who have been chosen by great beings to take on their powers and overtime their essence. These beings can be many things such as devils, demons, gods, and reapers. But there are others as well. Like dragons, pegasi, valkyries and many more. There are also Chozen who didn't acquire the essence of the being that chose them but simply gain their power.
Beings don't have to choose someone, but they are all immortal so without choosing someone their life would have little meaning for then they could not interact with any world. Some beings even chose someone just for that reason and don't give the person much of anyting. Most people don't even know that they are Chozen unliss somehtign happens that awakens them.
I have been awakened. I've been allowed access to many memories and truths, as well as my purpose for bing chosen by my devil. My purpose is to spread the truth of me and God to all and Creat a new world for those who believe, and agree with said said truths and the ways laid forth on the new world.
It is not right to force people to live a lie. That is why I wish to let all know, and give them their own choice. But along with all this is a dark story... (to read this dark story and lear more about chozen please do visit my website and read under the "Am I Chozen?" tab the "Devil's Story")
Now it si your turn to decide: Do you belive the truth I have offered to you with all your heart?
cherycemattison1 cherycemattison1
18-21, F
Aug 9, 2011