My Cats And Pepe

My animals have this terrible habit of rising about 4 a.m. Today was no different, but they let me lay there until about 4:18 (yes, I looked at the clock), when they started running all over chasing. Got up, fed the cats, the dog looked mournful so, okay, its not time to feed you but we don't want anyone moping. The cats clamor to go out. Tommy Cat, if he only had thumbs, would be able to turn that doorknob, it's his lifelong goal. I am not fond of letting them out that early (still dark) and dread it if they are out and I take the dog for his walk to do this "thing" because they like to follow (people on the east side laugh here to watch out little parade). They spook easily, and crossing the street is exciting because they are not leashed. (I digress...anyway...moving right along) The dog and I went out and in the darkness of 5 a.m. I see the cats in the yard. The streetlight silhouettes 3 figures, one a fairly fluffy one. Dog and I look and I said, "I think we need to wait." The cats slunk away and Pepe le Pew toddled off across the front yard, tail high up in the air! I looked at Tom and Tess and said, "I guess we got here just in time." (although we could have fallen victim as well!)
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1 Response May 9, 2012

Aren't pets adorable? :-D