Coexist - Can It Ever Happen?

You see it all the time. On Myspace, Facebook and many many other sites, blogs and networks. Coexist surrounded by a plethora of religious symbols. There are those out there that believe their religion is the only real faith and we seem to have gotten used to that. But somewhere in the process it has become a almost literal boxing match when brought up. I am a Pagan. A Witch. And with those names fear and hell is attached to it. Most of the time when someone finds out I am not Christian, but a Witch, one of two things happen. Either 1 I never hear from them again or 2 they go on a crusade to save my soul. My soul doesn't need saving. My entire family will tell you I am more “Godly” then they are. I volunteer at , dare I say it, Churches all the time. I donate time and money to many many charities. I once spent an entire winter cooking for the soup kitchen everyday helping to feed those that need it. During the holidays especially at Yule and Christmas, I make sure I have thought of everyone in my life rarely ever expecting anything for myself. I got one Christmas gift this year and I loved it. So I ask you, does my soul need saving?

All I want is for the religions to coexist. No one religion is special. For me at least, everyone loves god, no matter what name they use. That is what most do not realize. Everyone that has faith, loves their deity with all their heart and soul. Deity is Ultimate, Whole, One. Now not everyone feels this and that is fine. But there is no reason to deny a Christian Christmas, a Pagan Yule, a Jew Hanukkah etc. Faith is a big part of the human race. Those that chose no faith are completely entitled to that, and I very much respect that. But it is not cool to try and rally together to take all faith away because you have none. When I was in school, there was a young lady who always went to the library and read a book. Not once did she complain she felt left out, in fact she once told me she chose to do it that way because she had no right to take the experience away from the other students. Now she had it right.

I can understand the need to say Happy Holidays due to the numerous faiths out there. But do not single someone out for saying Happy Yule or Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa etc. Just be glad they thought enough of you to acknowledge you. It is possible for people of other faiths to live peacefully though I can not think of a fact to back it up. People need to be taught better and more understanding and loving for one another.

Unfortunately persecution is everywhere and it is not just the Christians persecuting. I see it everyday. People posting graphics on how their religion is superior or the first. Even in my faith I see it. I always say “We know that our religion was the basis of that one but is it necessary to stoop to the level of constantly dogging on that faith to get a point across. It makes us no better than them” I don't know, maybe it is my nature of not wanting to be confrontational. But I am proof that Christians and a Pagan can live peacefully together without fear or hate. My family and I have a great relationship.

Now I know some are disowned and things like that, and to those that are, I am truly sorry you have to go through that. But with all that happening you should fight to help there be peace between everyone of all faiths so that each faith can finally be understood and accepted. Help with the cause of coexisting. Don't just post a graphic of it once in a while, Be apart of it!
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I live in a place where churches are just a few meters from mosques. Co-existence is happening here right now. Understanding and respecting each other is essential to any community to have a peaceful co-existence.