We Should Show Compassion To The Millions Americans

It is almost shocking to say we are going through such a hard time right now as Americans. We have to work through this together. No American should endure the aftermath of this recession alone. Please watch this video, "American= Third World"
julenedellamor julenedellamor 31-35, F 3 Responses Dec 27, 2010

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Yes the millions of Americans that have been forced into unemployment, underemployment, underpaid employment, have lost everything, and onto the largest welfare roll in history are living in a DEPRESSION, not a recession!

American's have been brainwashed to believe their is nothing they can do against the handful of evil people that are orchestrating this against them. They must snap out of the trance and learn to fight like FDR, the last president to work for We The People, and the millions of citizens who fought with him for many of the rights we have today, but are in serious jeopardy of losing!!!!!!!!

It's Far From Too Late, But Time's A Wasting!

Watched your video. Without a doubt poverty is a concern in the US but might I suggest we have it relatively good. Even our poorest of poor.

At the same time life is expensive here. How is it that?

I pay over $600/month in medical bills and insurance alone while people in the majority of the worlds population can somehow survive on 1/10th of that for all their needs ($60/mo, $2/day)?

Food for my family of five exceeds $1,000/month?

Fairly modest housing (and property taxes) $700/month?

Could I cut a little, sure. Can I cut a Never to $60/month...I spend more than that on gas ($100/mo) for my car ($200/mo).

My Internet alone is $46/month.

Something sure seems wrong.

it is the responsibility of the people