Obama Looks To Exploit School Massacre To Ban All Guns

Look this up on youtube and infowars.com. Very interesting.Also look for the video in the media section of this group.
It is a complete exploitation of the Connecticut Mass shooting that recently happened at the local elementary.
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5 Responses Dec 16, 2012

take a good look at where you get your info... there many groups out there that twist things around just a little bit any direction to their benefit. There is a big difference between a musket being used a couple of hundred yrs ago, and assault weapons now

yeah your right about that, but still ban guns instead of fix society? the guns are not the problem.

I know alot of my friends dont want Obama or his government to make amendment with GUNS and a total Gun ban,i myself like Obama think Guns is not for CIVILIANS or because it was in the US Constitution we have the Bill of Rights to bear arms,well we are now in the 2oth century and if like 500 years back well of course we all need Guns to defend ourselves for those natives or bandits but now because of freedom to bear arms it easy to buy Guns than to get your driving license,do you agree with this?but of course i respect my friends who think Guns is needed to defend themselves from the bad guys and thats is acceptable..

well, i have to agree that getting a gun permit is easier that getting a drivers license, regardless, i still think people should be able to own a gun. Besides most of these mass shootings don't occur because of the gun holders but psychopaths who end up stealing or illegally obtaining them. My big issue is that the guns don't kill people do, but apparently instead of improving mental health benefits congress wants to take the easy way out and just ban all guns. But that is just my opinion.

MIND CONTROL !!!!!!!!!!!!! its real

I think President Obama is upset right now and rightly so. What happened at the Connecticut school was horrific and tragic. Guns of course need to be regulated as they currently are but not banned. The crazies and folks with bad intentions will always be able to get a gun(s) illegally while the responsible folks would be basically punished because of the crazies.

I thought it was funny in the video how that guy kept on yelling like a crazy fool.