Courting 101

I recently talked with my twenty five year old godson about courtship, and he stared blankly back at me as if I was speaking a foreign language. 

Is it possible that courting a mate is a dying trait?  I certainly hope not.  To me, it's an integral part of any relationship.  And not just during the early, honeymoon stage of a relationship.  Doing the little or not so little things to show your significant other just how much they mean to you should be required.  At least for the healthiest of relationships, I think it's a necessity.

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3 Responses Aug 5, 2010

I'm glad to hear that I am not the only one who practices it. I agree that it is a clear sign of interest and affection, one that helps to strengthen the relationship and ensure that you've settled down with mr. (or mrs.) right, as opposed to just settling for someone.

Not an archaic concept...some of my friends were courted...really...the men rolled out the red carpet...pulled out all the stops. Most of those relationships ended with the couple getting married. I could name, right off the top of my head 5 couples at least. But this was only after a prolonged period of them knowing each other and a lot of deliberation....courtship is 2 people coming together with a possible view to getting married, nice to know it's still being practiced in some circles.

I guess it comes with being a hopeless romantic. Can't say I march to the beat of anyone's drum but my own, though I was raised to believe in old fashioned values. It saddens me to think that these types of simple concepts are lost on the young.