Traditional Courtship Still Rocks

Filipino traditional courtship are very romantic (cheesy-ly romantic). Before, a filipino guy can court a filipina lady, he have to court the lady's parents first. By the way of giving gifs, helping in the house chores, and any possible way that the parents would allow the guy to court their daughter. Some of the even serenades the girl outside her house, playing a guitar, sometimes the guy even call his friends to sing with him. ^^ And some of them end up chased by dogs or even the father himself. lol. Well, that's what I heard. ^^

I was born on the 90's, so no more serenading, no more courtship on the parents. But for me, if a guy courts me, I want it to be old school, you know, long-term courtship. My cousin told me that almost all guys she met wants to her to be their GF even on their first meeting. I told her, that's not my type, if a guy realy wants me. he have to wait. I maybe old fashioned but I love it. I don't care what others might say, old fashion courtship is the best cos you can see how far the guy can go. You'll see his patience and his love.
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I never did outright courtship, but one time there was a girl I had a huge crush on at a beauty salon, she was vietnamese. I stopped by one day after work and asked her mom and sister who I knew permission to ask her out. They thought it was very sweet, but i never did ask her out and they closed down! Guess next time I should ask the girl directly.