A Thing Of The Past?

In this society, people tend to immediately throw themselves at others and push their way into a relationship – what is so appealing about this?

If courtship was to return and become a natural part of life again, I would be elated. Things have changed so drastically and in my opinion, it's ridiculous; but then again, I don't like change. People text, talk over the phone and use the internet as their primary form of communicating with loved ones. That is not a relationship. Perhaps there are still people out there who believe in courtship, and maybe even still abide by it. The underlying problem may be that men feel as though they will be mocked if they are caught acting differently to those around them...to society. Everybody is different, and as I’ve said in one of my other stories, I am old-fashioned. I treat people with respect, and expect the same in return. There's nothing wrong with sincerity nor is there a problem with chivalry. My reasons for believing in courtship is that people no longer bother to take their time, to understand or even listen – being thrust into a relationship in a matter of weeks or even days, is more or less setting themselves up for disappointment in the first place. Courting should be serious, and “going out” is such an over-used phrase and people take it for granted, take relationships for granted using it as a form of experimentation. Why would you “date” someone if you can't see yourself being with them in the future? It would just be a waste of time and energy.

Feel free to ponder. :)
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Thank you for the compliment :) You sound like a mature young woman who knows what she desires and what her path is about :)

Thank you!

It seems you are old fashioned in more than one way. You write very well. And while doing so, you are using good grammar and spelling. It is nice to see a young person who cares about getting the respect she deserves and works at it. Courtship is a lost art, I believe. And it all started with the women's movement. When women demanded equality in the work place and in other places, we unfortunately, lost something.

Wow, thank you so much - I'm proud to be seen as old-fashioned. There's nothing worse than bad grammar in my books, to be quite honest. Yes, I didn't blame either sex as i've never really thought much about the subject before joining this group - some of my other stories explain my opinions and convey that I am old fashioned. Again, thank you, that's a huge compliment to me. Thank you for contributing, and for reading in the first place. :)

My last relationship was kinda ended because I didn't "argue" enough with my lover... What? I was trying to be as compromising as I could be, especially since it was long distance...<br />
<br />
I havn't given up hope that somewhere out there, my Life time partner wants, or rather, desires a man with such high morals and faithfulness as I do. I have to keep the good parts of the past alive and not to mention, keep what is true to myself alive.<br />
<br />
Respecting the other person, I expect respect. And vice-versa. I don't know how this changed in the past decade but I will not stop being the Gentleman that I can be and more.

You sound like a great human being. And you have my respect, as well as sympathies. This world, people's priorities are messed up. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment, it is very much appreciated.

Over time men have become lax and women have had to become more aggressive because of broken family values. I am a progressive thinker but I still believe in courtship. I enjoy it when a man acts like a gentleman (holds the door open for me, waits for me to extend my hand FIRST for a handshake).<br />
I can't tell you how many men wanted to just hang out or "date" me when they found out I was going to medical school. After I became a doctor, it didn't change. Actually, it got worse. People are too focused on what you do instead of who you are.<br />
I met my sweetie through friends and he was an absolute gentleman then and is now. He also knows that if he stops being a gentleman that he can show himself the door.

Ah that sounds tough, and I agree with you for the most part :) Thank you for contributing and taking the time to read.

Oh, how I agree with this! I find that mutual respect goes such a long way. Listening is such a lost art as well. I suppose I am old fashioned in the same way that you are, but frankly I think it's a good thing and I wouldn't change it!

Thank you for contributing! :) Good that you can agree :D I don't feel so alone on the subject now. I wouldn't change it either!

Oh, you are not alone, I'm right there with you. Especially as courtship these days seems to be in the form of a text message "Boo2 call 2nite babe?" Kill me now...

You're so right about that. Ha-ha XD

lol! Wow, isn't that the truth. I'm glad my friends mostly write in real sentences, if not I would've destroyed my phone long ago...

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Oh how right you are, having done the things above, you know for yourself, how frustrated i've gotten before about it all. More chivalry is needed, and the terms of "courtship" as it were, shouldn't be watered down so they become meaningless and extremely confusing.

Least some people agree! :)